Snacks Food Wholesaler & Manufacturer

Snacks Food Wholesaler & Manufacturer

We are a snack food wholesaler & also manufacturer of roasted peanuts and snack packager.

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We are a snack food wholesaler & also manufacturer of roasted peanuts and snack packager. We are van sales wholesaler. We are also agents of other food brands. Our major products include koh kae peanuts, other thailand snack foods & traditional chinese biscuits like tau sah pheng, sat kei mah, walnut biscuits, heong pheng, etc. We have over 15 products and all are halal. We have established our brand name in the local market over the past 7 years.

The business is making profit every month and over 120 customers comprising of minimarkets, convenient stores, chinese medicine shops, fruit stores, vegetarian stores, market peddlers. The business is easy to operate & grow. Just visit the customers every 2 weeks, check your stock & replenish on the spot. We get paid instantly after that as we operate on a bill to bill basis. The longest credit term is 1 month for customers with chain stores.

To grow the business simply source for more products to sell or look for new customers. Our products needs no introduction. I am selling because I have my own business to do. My father is retiring and asked me to take over but I have no time. The sales per month is around rm30000.00 with profit margin of around 20%-25% depending on the products. The sale will include a peanut roasting machine, packaging machine. Both are new & never used. 1 canister sealing machine, like those used for packing potato chips cyclinder. 1 lorry. We are currently operating from home because I have no time to operate the business. But the business is active but dont intent to expand it at the moment.


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